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1591 E Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville, CA 95688

1591 E Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville, CA 95688

Our Story


Frances Murillo met her husband Blas Murillo when she was 16 years old while working in the fields picking fruit. After many years of working in the fields, Mrs. Murillo began working at different restaurants around town, realizing she preferred restaurant work.

When she found out there was a small restaurant for sale on Merchant Street in Vacaville, she and her husband took advantage of the opportunity and purchased it, turning it into our first location. Her mother-in-law worked in the kitchen and Mrs. Murillo was in charge of washing dishes and waiting tables. A little known fun fact: Murillo's was one of the first Mexican Restaurants in the area and Mrs. Murillo adjusted her recipes to suit the tastes of a community that was slowly becoming accustomed to Mexican Food. Mrs. Murillo enjoyed spending time and getting to know her customers and supporting the local community in her first 10 years of business! In 1980's Mrs. Murillo decided to open a second location on East Monte VIsta to further her mission of supporting the community.

In recent years, Mrs. Murillo's children have proudly taken over both Vacaville Restaurant Locations. Not only have they made it a point to keep the restaurant within the family, but many other family members such as their children, nieces, nephews, cousins and aunts have all gotten to experience working within the family business. Even many of the employees have stayed with Murillo's throughout the 50 years and have made their way into the Murillo Family's hearts. Murillo's takes pride in their ability to serve and support the community in as many ways as possible. Some of our favorites to support have been Local Schools, Sports Teams, Churches, Fiesta Days, and Local Charities! We have enjoyed getting to know our customers and being there to celebrate their life events for the last 50 years!

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1591 E Monte Vista Ave.
Vacaville, CA 95688

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(707) 447-3704

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Monday - Closed
Tuesday- 11-9pm
Wednesday- 11-9pm
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Saturday- 11-9:30 pm 
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